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Columbia Golf Cart Engine Rebuild Kits

The Columbia golf cart brand is one of the oldest and most respected on the market, as they trace their origins all the way back to 1946. They have updated their carts significantly over the years, though, and you can find many of their modern designs at the most popular golf courses around the world.

If you feature a Columbia golf cart fleet, you should contact J&B Motor Sales LLC about purchasing a Columbia engine rebuild kit. We feature:

  • Piston and Ring Assembly Parts
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Exhaust Gaskets
  • Engine Motor Mounts
  • And Much More

Reasons to Choose J&B Motor Sales

The Columbia golf cart engine rebuild kits that we stock at J&B have all the parts you need to get your Columbia-brand fleet back to its original, pristine condition. You don’t want your carts sputtering along beside the greens, bouncing golfers up and down in their seats.

We feature a full line of individual parts and complete Columbia Par car engine rebuild kits if you need to completely retool a vehicle’s engine. We also ship anywhere within the US and to many other countries.

What’s more, we have seasoned auto body repair specialists on staff. Not only can we provide you with all of the best aftermarket Columbia-brand engine parts, but we can also advise you on which ones you need.

That’s true regardless of whether your carts need just a little tune-up or they have to be rebuilt entirely. We provide Columbia parts for customers who maintain fleets for golf, but for plenty of other purposes as well. Once you inform us of what you’re doing with your Columbia carts, we can recommend customization options if that interests you.

Whether you’re using your Columbia golf cart to get to the end of a long driveway, you’re taking it hunting, or you’re using it to clean up a highway meridian, we’ve got the replacement parts you need. Put your trust in J&B Motor Sales LLC and contact us with any questions.